Mariana Carrillo

Photographer, Adventurer, Happy Being

Ever since I can remember, my Christmas and birthday wishes were always the same: a camera. Every year? Yes, every year there was a new model! I loved hoovering up every little detail about the camera and when I got it, I would first read the manual cover to cover because I liked to read manuals. Then came the photographing. I think I just loved snapping up whatever caught my eye and developing and editing the images to bring out the magic I felt in that moment. I wanted the picture to evoke all of it: how I felt, how they felt, the mood in the air, the energy, the molecules, the sounds, the movements, even the breaths. A picture to me is a communication to the observer: can you get this moment? Can you feel it? Can you feel what I'm feeling? 


Based in San Francisco. International travel available.